Delaunay & Rennes expedition

I have been settling in Paris a little bit now and been unpacking nonstop… I was too exhausted to blog or do anything worth while to be honest. I just literally got back from Brittany to see my father and everyone.

Here a little picture of the kitchen’s tiles (dated from the 30’s) and my attempts of watercolours.

photo 1-17 I also had to go to Rennes for a few days for my brother to pass his orals for the Beaux Arts. The old part of the city was so interesting. The buildings were full of prints in a way, creating patterns with the wood.

photo 3-14 photo 2-17

The other good news is about my computer! It has been brought back to 2015! It’s my old computer but way faster than I never knew it could ever be! It’s been rebooted and this with the amazing help of my father’s friend, so happy!!

The other lovely surprise was getting my 30th birthday present from my dad early, a gorgeous book from Sonia Delaunay.

I didn’t know her work that well, but I actually really liked it and discovered a lot from her and her work. She did a lot in textile prints too which a lot I found very inspiring.

image-2 copyimage copy image-2 image image copy 2 image copy 3

I loved how she was so free in her experimentations, and how she played with colour combination.

image-2 copy 2

image-3 copy image-3 copy 2 image-3 copy 3She was so avant-garde! and modern and fashionable, look she even did a cover for vogue!


image-2 copy 4 image-2 copy 3

 Sonia Delaunay, Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction Musee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris 2015. Catalogue de l’exposition “Sonia Delauney,  Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction” (catalogue from the exhibition)

This exhibition will be shown at the Tate Modern from 15th April till 16th August 2015.

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