Dream on as Christmas is so close.

So Christmas is in 2 days! houp Houp!! I feel it is still time to dream….what we will (or not) receive, well I can always dream, non?

So here is a little dreamer’s list from Net-A-Porter…

A little gold enchantment on your fingers, couldn’t hurt right?


I am literally desperate to own one day a beautiful dress by Peter Pilotto. This print is to dye for and I am almost certain that dress is flattering on any girl. It’s more either or not we have that kind of money…(or our boyfriend…) Well at that moment who has it? Anyway, well I told you it’s a dream list.


Ok so dreaming on, this gorgeous necklace is amazingly cool and versatile.


Beautifully simple and full of details too, love that skirt!


Stunning satin heels, I am secretly wishing these will go into the sales in january…


I love that print on that Burberry dress, it makes it so cool!

Ok so tomorrow the festivities starts, so I will post on all my cooking ventures, and also the very awaited presents…

Happy Christmas everyone! xxx

(all the images are from Net-A-Porter website)


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