So again following with the dark mood, it’s black eyes all round, and lots of superpositions that only Dries Von Noten knows how to create. I have to say this isn’t my most loved collection, it’s too animal print to my liking, but I did love, (LOVE!!!) some the looks. It transpire more evening too, and much more wintery, (or maybe it just me? it’s very hot in Rio right now and living only with the fan on!) but it is of course as always a very lady like a bit darker but such an elegant lady that goes to elaborate parties for sure.

I am seeing a lot of this darker mood from the shows lately, Marc Jacobs surely was one of them, it’s all inspired from the pre world war decades, the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and surely is present in this show too. Maybe it’s the economic times that makes us feel this way? And also in the make up you see a much more defined black eyes or dark berry/wine lips like in Mary Katrantzou’s show.

Anyway going back to this collection, the men’s wardrobe is very present lots of suits, animal print, stripes all mixed up with fur, sequins and silk pyjama style trousers that are very elegant and figure lengthening. Lots of elements you can incorporate in how to dress and that why I love so much Dries everything is done so naturally and worn with so much chic.

_ARC1819 _ARC0943 _ARC1055 _ARC1347 _ARC1001 _ARC1303 _ARC1453 _ARC0911 _ARC1077 _ARC1165 _ARC1687 _ARC1265 _ARC1551 _ARC1869 _ARC2063 _ARC1413 _ARC1115Photos from Vogue Runway.com

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