First of all I am so chocked that Alber Elbaz has left Lanvin, I can’t quite belive it! I was reading on WWD, and found his speech he did at Thursday night’s Fashion Group International Night of Stars event so inspiring and I wanted to share an extract of it. 

“I prefer whispering. I think it goes deeper and I think it stays longer. It seems to be that sometimes it’s almost more important that the dress looks good in the photo than it looks good or feels good on the body. Sometimes when I see clients trying dresses, I see that before they even go to the mirror, they just take a selfie and look at themselves in the selfie. And tell me what they like about the belt. Maybe the selfie is becoming the new mirror. If that’s the case and we will not have mirrors in the world, who will tell us the truth?

“We are living today in a smart world, a world of very smart design. Today it’s all about smart design, smart thinking, smart product, technology, rapidity….Adidas says, ‘The future is now.’ Today a 12-year-old girl living in the middle of nowhere with technology can see all the shows in Paris live — the show, the front row, the backstage, the celebrities — wow. Technology makes her dream come true. That girl, like many others, is living in a dream. But can we imagine a world without dreams. A world without dreams is not always a beautiful world. Dreams make us go forward. Dreams make me run forward. And people who know me, know that I don’t like to run in the park.”

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