Brazil back and forth

So I haven’t posted for a while, I moved to Brazil stayed at my grand parent’s house started taking my driving test all over again. And then to my utter sadness Sebastien the creator of this wonderful blog and my step father passed way so suddenly. I managed to go back to Paris to help my mom and attend his funeral.


2015 has been such a strange year full of very close people passing away, lots of dreams and accomplishments realised, with lots and lots of plane traveling and living from a suitcase and making and carrying luggages constantly.

For 2016 I am not sure what’s is to come, all I know is I want to be happy, pass my driving test and have my driving licence this year! Find a place I can call home, not travel as much and stop living from lots of suitcases (I love traveling but I hate packing!), be healthier continuing eating well obviously but I really want to start exercising too, and most importantly find the best job for my life.

I am beyond excited to start this new life in Rio. I am not sure how everything will unfold, everything is still up in the air. Nothing is too much defined it’s all down to faith in my life and that it will somehow work out.

Sebastien’s departure was so unexpected and shook me and mom. Sometime I wake up and feel so lost I want to cry and curl up under the covers. Even thought he was difficult most days he was wonderful in surprising ways that you would never expected. Most times I was so frightened of him and wouldn’t dare ask him a thing. I came to Brazil knowing he was this solid person who would always be by my mom’s side whatever the situation.

This whole is left now without him, I am not sure what do, what can I do to help my mother. I feel sometime overwhelmed and trying to adjust, now I am at a moment where nothing is so certain…

Like I said all is up in the air…


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