Brooklyn & Basquiat

New York seems like a dream to me now, and I am enjoying the rainy Paris weather. I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you an exhibitions I had seen while in NYC. The last few weeks I was in New York, I was franticly  trying to see all the exhibitions I could before leaving. So today it’s Jean Michel Basquiat, that I love so so much!! IMG_5698IMG_5678 IMG_5680Famous 1982 Acrylic and Xerox on canvas mounted on wood.

IMG_5683The exhibit was centred on his note books/sketch books and I just loved seeing how graphic and visual his writings were. He was such a poet, we assimilated everything around him and recreated in his own language, his own expressive way to communicate.

IMG_5687 IMG_5688IMG_5684 IMG_5685IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5693 IMG_5694Untitled,1985 Xerox collage on wood box

IMG_5696Al Jolson, 1981 oil stick on paper

His images are so strong in their simplicity. He had such a natural fluidity that really comes across in his work. I loved his texts, they become part of the painting as they are so graphic, and that ultimately also became his stamp, to recognise his work.

IMG_5700Untitled (Bar), 1981 ink and wax crayon on paper

IMG_5702Untitled (God/Law), 1981 Oil stick on paper

IMG_5704 IMG_5706 IMG_5708Untitled (Leonardo Da Vinci), 1982 Acrylic and oil stick on paper

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