Chanel has a lot of prints in this collection, very colourful and plentiful. The prints have quite a graphic aesthetic with almost this idea of a futuristic tweed, stripy and check in lots of blues red and whites (& a little yellow…). I also love the catwalk like a giant airport, where everyone is in constant flux going from one place to another. I loved the black and yellow writings strips print that I thought was brilliantly beautiful.

_CHA0061 _CHA0067 _CHA0105 _CHA0127 _CHA0131 _CHA0137 _CHA0199 _CHA0229 _CHA0263 _CHA0277 _CHA0289 _CHA0313 _CHA0321 _CHA0447 _CHA0456 _CHA0496 _CHA0512 _CHA0540 _CHA0696 _CHA0822 _CHA0882Photos from Vogue Runway

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