As you can probably tell, I am not so much into Milan’s fashion week, I prefer London fashion week to any other, and then Paris obviously, and New York is nice too, but Milan doesn’t excites me as much. Maybe it’s my french side that prevents me to like it. I find a bit too much, sometime a bit vulgar (oh! I know but sharing my true feelings here…).

Regardless of all those things I do love Stella Jean. Her collections are full of colours, inexpected prints and gorgeous things I would absolutely love to wear._A2X0073 _A2X0085 _A2X0173 _A2X0213 _A2X0293 _A2X0323 _A2X0331 _A2X0395 _A2X0413 _A2X0501 _A2X0541 _A2X0603Photos from Vogue Runway

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