Louis vuitton and the never ending of catwalk destinations

So the blog wasn’t working for a while and as my dear Sebastien is not at hands any longer I didn’t know what to do, but curiously all that time I really wanted to update and share things on blog but couldn’t… So without further due, I am posting this very late post on the Louis Vuitton mad weekend that happened weeks ago here in Rio.

This past weekend Rio was all the rage, as all the fashion “à la mode” people were gracing their presence for the up coming resort show of Louis Vuitton. It was of course all over instagram. and were seen going in a van from all the best spots in town. The Fasano, MAC de Niteroi, the parque Lage, and Santa Tereza. At first of course I got sucked in… but it made me think of how overrated and weird fashion is becoming.

Now it’s all about the being in latest most exotic place you can get your hands on, to show case your new resort (exclusive ou trier sur les volets…) collection. At the expanse of the real people living here, in that exotic place. Come Monday they all gone. Chanel was Cuba, Louis Vuitton is Rio, and then Dior is the Blenheim Palace (Churchill’s family own palace) in England. I mean it looks like such a circus, and then it’s all those non stop photos, of all those happy elected, always the same crowd gushing on how amazing is everything… and us left to dribble? I mean it’s such far cry from reality of real life… I don’t know I might got an overdose of it all….

After all that renting the collection itself is wonderfully modern, and strong. I love the bag that is a boom box and that actually plays music! The backdrop is gorgeous that is given,  the clothes are quite cool and edgy, sporty vibes all around. I love the actual collection but all this commotion around is unnecessary.

_LIU0457 _LIU0530 _LIU0540 _LIU0568 _LIU0647 _LIU0653 _LIU0664 _LIU0678 _LIU0746 _LIU0765 _LIU0772 _LIU0804Photo from Vogue Runway.com

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