Nyc places I love

IMG_5779New York feels likes long ago now, and those images are full of memories of this wonderful city. So I wanted to share a few snapshot I took while I was out there where I couldn’t just not resist taking those photo a bit like a tourist I know…

IMG_5736 IMG_5732 There is a place in New York I used to love to walk around and it felt like home to me, it is a bit posh area of New York obviously it’s by Central Park, by the Plaza (for me reminds me of Home Alone that watched countless times since little) and the wonderful department store that is Bergdof Goodman’s, and their truly amazing window display. You have the Cube of the Apple store, opposite the Plaza. I mean to New Yorker that sounds a bit all silly but to me I was just so happy being there soaking up all the magic of this like square.
IMG_5742 IMG_5749 IMG_5756 IMG_5767

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