Vogue Obessions

Ok I have a problem with Vogue, I collect too many, those were living in boxes, away in my storage unit in Slough. Last week I had to face the reality of my stuff and my life as I am leaving London behind…

I had to sort through SO much stuff it was crazy and stressful. I decided to let go of those magazines and as a goodbye gesture (or more a letting go..) I took photos of it all. However no one could expect what was to come, the next day I lost my phone on a London bus, and found it again miraculously (Thank you to the incredible bus driver on number 8!! and I almost lost those images..) and the night before departing to Paris, I took all those issues to be recycled and yes they went to Fashion heavens like my friend’s flat mate said. Someone put fire to the recycle bin and burn the entire content of the bin and the magazines as well. Crazy right? Glad to be leaving London behind and set off lighter into my new journey of my life…


IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6190 IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6200IMG_6205 IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6211

One thought on “Vogue Obessions

  1. Estou quase em prantos!!! Que história linda e difícil ao mesmo tempo!!!
    Que desapego maravilhoso vc pode praticar!!! Mas as revistas são de morrer!!!
    E eu que amo as minhas “sem” capa, não dou conta de desfazer… Vou te tomar como exemplo!! Minha ídola!!

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