My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Haute Couture are always my favourite shows! I love the glamour the ideas, the inspiration, and how much the ideas can be pushed and the drama it all creates. It’s not the average clothing to wear on a day to day but it’s all about having that imagination that is set loose. What I also love with couture show is that although it is unattainable cost wise, the look itself can be recreated (loosely) from a detail you liked or a shape that you found interesting, or a silhouette that caught your eye.

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Couture is Schiaparelli and this time with no main designer. The vision for the collection seems a bit lost. It’s more a classic approach and more diluted, looks that you could imagine were from Schiaparelli but no whaou moments.
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Chanel is always synonymous of couture, bien sure! This time it’s a magical all electronic floral garden that Lagarfeld dreamed up. I Love the crop jackets that looks as if they shrunk in the wash. There is an odd combination of 60’s silhouettes mixed with Edwardian hats galore, an ankle gazing length on the dresses and beanies all wrapped around lots and lots of electronic flowers (that apparently took 6 months to make!). Is that our future? Sound a bit too science fiction to my taste but hey it’s Chanel!

What I didn’t like so much is the expression on the girls, they were a bit moody… anyhow Chanel is always beautiful, extraordinaire and a bit dreamy…

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I feel this time the flowers stole the show. I mean look at the intricacy of those on this dress! It’s like they are coming alive! I mean I am a sucker for flowers, anything floral and this definitely will be haunting my dreams.


Giambattista imagined an impossible conversation between Janis Joplin and Coco Chanel, so fun and interesting as always. So both women love men’s clothing. Each wears it in an unique way and make it their own that is still so feminine.

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I love fluffiness of the skirts the ho so flouncy silk, the frilly tops, the embroidered details that are so Vali, but then you have the little Jacket that is so Coco, and the cocktail dresses layered with trousers so Janis. Again those things can be recreated in what you own in your wardrobe or at least make you think how you layer your clothes or otherwise you could do a bit of vintage shopping down at the market. Lots of inspiration you can draw from all these looks.


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