Flouncing at Elie

Going back to his childhood in the 60’s the lebanese designer looked at what he called the period Beirut’s “golden age”. The sheer element and again the floral prints and embroideries added to the full length dresses made a more youthful and fresh approach. This created a newer perspective on his otherwise very glamorous and well known style of red carpet looks.

image-11 copy


image-13 copy 4

image-13I am also a big lover of anything feathered and I loved loved (loved!!) that look above. So old hollywood, so Ginger Rogers, I can so imagine myself wearing it dancing around, well surely not as gracefully as Ginger… but a girl can dream right?

image-13 copy

image-13 copy 3

image-13 copy 2

image-13 copy 5

To finish off with a side note, this gorgeous girl Lindsey Wixson, I love her so much, well how could you not?

Few weeks ago someone at work (a gay friend of my colleague) told me I looked a little bit like her, I mean such a compliment! I love him forever now for even to be compared to her is wonderful! Anyway I added a little photo of her to make your own judgement on that.   image-13 copy 6

Photos from Style.com

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