Greeks again

Look at that! It’s a stunner! it was a real challenge to go to see this place, (especially because of the crazy hot sun!) lots of walking and stairs were involved in this shot…

But it’s worth while look at that, it’s so incredible! it is part of an archeological park, with some roman arcade and this gorgeous Greeks theatre (also 5th century before BC).

these squares is how the Greek would cut out the stone to build the theatre. so amazing!

this amazing cave, is called the ear of Dionysius,  a 20 meter high slender pointed arch. It has an excellent acoustic, so I think that’s why it’s called an ear. It was carved by the Greeks again to get the stones to build. but also it was flooded so that’also why the walls are so smooth.

This the Roman amphitheater, nothing as spectacular the Greek theatre. they built it after trashing the beautiful Greek theatre, in 3rd century AD. They used it for gladiators and wild animal spectacles.

voila xx

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