Some of my few little treats after pay day, as it is soon Halloween we need treats right?

I dreamed of being able to carry off a hat like that! So when I discovered that Reiss does sizes for their hat I was so happy, and decided it was time to trow caution to the wind and go for it!

Hat by Reiss £49

Ankle boot by Ash Jessbis Black Leather Ankle Boot Black Heel £155.00

I still feel that the colour resembles a little bit Indiana Jones hat but he was cool so it doesn’t matter…

My beautiful Louboutins I got years ago in a second hand shop (for an amazing price by the way), I am so scared to wear them as I am petrified to ruin them… anyway my new little treat is my new metallic nail vanish… so excited will try it on later today will show later on…

O.P.I. nail vanish DS Classic 031 £10

quite like this one with the new Vogue, with Rihanna.

will do another post on Party dresses


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