head flowers

London turn now, I always love London fashion week, first because it’s my city and then because so many creative designer seems to come out of this city. It is so rich of inspiration and creative energy. I find London fashion week correspond more to my personality too. I die at most collection and try (in vain at the moment but still time to make new determinations?) to create a beautiful collection of these new emerging brands. One of them is this wonderful Eudon Choi, love his literal use of Russian them withe headpiece. LOVE IT!!!!!

And love this new loose way to cover your head with scarfs! While wearing very toned down colour on you, very chic indeed…

And those shoes, I mean so sweet love them. Sorry too many love…

Flowers AND scarf, love it gave me so many ideas already for my next scarf collection (also a Russian theme based on Tolstoi novel Ana Karenina)

Photo from Style.com


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