Well it’s official I booked my holidays!!! So excited, I am going to Sicily in September, and now I need to get into my bikini, (well that another problem), but I also need to have a look at my holiday wardrobe (maybe have few updates…). I certainly need a new pair of a good decent flat sandals to walk around the beautiful streets of Palermo.

While I was frenetically looking all over the Internet, (and trying to watch some old episodes of Made in Chelsea at the same time) for a good new pair of sandals (and maybe more things too?) (ok I’m not allowed…)  I came across the beautiful shoes of Chloe Green, Chloe Jade Green. (ok I know I am a bit late, but better late than never!)


What I like is her shoes appeal to all girls, (well those who likes high (quite high heels).  Her shoes are kind of the one you are missing in your shoe wardrobe, and the shoes you can’t find anywhere else really, of good quality at good starting price . The other thing is each of her shoes were named after a friend or someone dear to her, love that! Now wished I was her friend, so I could have shoe named after me… La Ange-Marie? hum quite a long french name for a shoe… well who cares.. The thing is I actually envy her (don’t we all?) for having the possibility (well let’s face it her dad own Topshop, (sorry had to come up at some point…) to create a collection of shoes. A dream to any girl with a shoe obsession/addiction really. Well maybe some day, who ever is reading this, they will see me becoming a respect worthy shoe designer, you never know.

And I think what makes it is also her (very appropriate) gorgeous shade of green on the sole. So clever and cool, love it, now you know where I will be on pay day.

Enough talking, look at her shoes…


My favourite so far is Louisa, in the off white.


Louisa Chain Booties in Off White


My other second top favourite is Misha Slingback wedge in the green.


Misha Slingback mega Wedges in Pale Green


My only problem with them, is there is no half sizes… (& a bit high)

The drama of my weird feet…

Well I liked how I started to looking for flat sensible shoes and ended up with sky high shoes… to this I love you and leave you.

Bonne nuit xx

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