Holly Fulton Spring 2012 RTW was delicious ! love it so fun and playful love her inspiration behind it!

Holly Fulton is a fashion maximalist. She also revels in bad taste—and she’ll admit as much herself. “I love it,” she said after her show this afternoon. “Stupendous bad taste, it totally inspires me.” What makes Fulton compelling is that she doesn’t do camp; her affection for the gauche is totally sincere. Her strategy is to take the cringe-worthy and make it chic. That’s a tough trick, but Fulton has a habit of pulling it off, as she did again this season.
Fulton’s latest collection was inspired by, as she explained, the idea of a woman who blows her vacation budget on clothes, and so instead of heading to Saint-Tropez, goes to the tacky English resort town of Margate. She treated the seaside theme very literally, applying shells and shell laminate as embellishment, and creating an aquarium print and embroideries based on coral. There were also crystals, checkerboard and zebra motifs, and foulard prints, as well as the Deco-esque illustration that is a Fulton trademark. As noted, she’s a maximalist.” (from Style.com


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