Holly Red

My favourite print designer (well ok being honest after Mary Katrantzou), I LLLOOOVEEEE her! So this collection starts with red (my favourite colour!) and her classic art deco style that her prints are so imbued with. An overalls/dress? I kind of work, non?

This patchwork gorgeousness of skirt is stunning, worn with flat men’s shoes and black socks, love it, so London, isn’it?

Such a cute look, love the red lips and red heart earrings (easy look to redo), with the sweet loop drawing on the top and skirt. So girly and feminine but kept an element of toughness with the men’s shoes (again!)…

Such a nice combination of prints, a nice subtlety with white and black with red. Like the flowers and lines juxtaposition and on the jacket, some curves and patchwork so riche and almost like a delicate composition. Ok going a bit bonkers here, anyhow, off to Tesco (no meat involved…) for my weekly shop, see you later…

Photo from Style.com

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