Inspiration on how to shop.


Since working for Mulberry my love of bags increased but my curiosity in Alexa also grew…

I read this interview by Avril Mair in Elle October 2011, on page 203, 204,

“how Alexa gets dressed “

She talks about how she shops what she is on the look out for.

”If I’m shopping for vintage, I’m looking for interesting, unusual pieces. If it’s designer, it’s always, always something classic that will last. If it’s high street, I tend to buy practical basics that can pull the vintage and designer pieces together. “

Quite like that, as when I do splash out on something pricey I always tend to buy really classic pieces, as I am scared my money will be wasted.

I feel something I should be a bit more adventurous but at the same time splashing out on a designer piece should be something you would wear again and again and again, basically always like she says.

I do ask my self will it be worthwhile spending all that money on this.  I try to picture the item with the rest of my wardrobe, see how I can incorporate it, how would I wear it.

“How does the high-and-low mix work in your wardrobe?”

“It is my wardrobe. I only do high-low. I don’t know any modern woman who doesn’t.  I have no idea what percentage of my wardrobe is designer as opposed to high street and vintage.”

I like that she says she doesn’t know “any modern woman who doesn’t”.

I think most of the few lucky of us who do own few designer pieces, do the mix of high and low. It became almost mandatory in a way, to do it and she kind of made it cool too. Well I feel I am not making any sense right now…

Anyhow what I am trying to say is, as most of us can’t very much afford the designer pieces, and obviously not many Chanel pieces because honestly who can afford Chanel! Really in these crazy times…

And if we do have few designer pieces we of course all know very well the percentage of what is designer or not. However Charity shops and looking out for vintage pieces is a lot more interesting way to inject cool pieces in your wardrobe.

To finish off I like to share my own shopping rules, invests in key pieces in your wardrobe, like a good classic winter coat, a good pair of shoe (for London very useful leather boots) and a good everyday handbag.

By doing that you can build a really good wardrobe that works for you around these staples…


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