Jean Paul Gaultier

So it was all “montagnard” inspired (going back to the mountains) with more wintery colours and some classic element like the “chemise canadienne” but reinvented in a “robe du soir”. As always Jean Paul does amazing striking looks.

But what really loved in his collection, was the colour palette. There were beautiful prints, very ethereal light forest inspired with very autumnal colours and this awesome silver tree print at the end that was just so special. The colours worked especially well on the redheaded girls.

His shows are always so much fun and full of humour, and with a little 80’s vibe thrown in (those sheer tights were so 80’s!). I also love that he allows each girl to be herself and express herself and he does not have a bunch all the same models. Each model is beautiful in her own unique way, that is what love about Gaultier. It’s about personality and being yourself.

_CHA0140 _CHA0158 _CHA0236 _CHA0257 _CHA0367 _CHA0663 _CHA0806 _CHA0905 _CHA0985 _CHA1012 _CHA1093 _CHA1181 _CHA1323 _CHA1625 _CHA1650 _CHA1807Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.52.52Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.52.34 _CHA2080 I mean look at his face on this previous photo! He is having so much fun this what it is all about!

I also loved the make up, I particularly enjoyed those incredible dark glossy burgundy red lips! With this warm eyeshadow to warm up the whole face. I loved the crinkled “gauffré” hair on some the girl !!!! I love the whole look so much I might even recreate some of it on my self! Who knows…Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.47.44 Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.51.14Photos from Vogue

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