61 facons de dire Oui

61 facons de dire Oui! Or in English 61 ways to say Yes, a bridal with a twist, or how to feel special each day dressing up and having fun. Jean Paul shows are always light fun and full of life and makes you laugh. With him you can be yourself and embrace life with a big smile, and this show was no different. I mean look at Naomi she looks so good as the bouquet! So genius and so Gaultier!

image-11 copy 3

image-11 copy 4

image-11 copy 8

image-11 copy 7

image-11 copy 5

image-11 copy 6


image-11 copyimage-11 copy 2

image-11 copy 10

image-11 copy 11

image-11 copy 9

Photos from Style.com

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