With Christopher Kane, I have waves of like it a lot and then not so much… Somehow my curiosity peaked me to have glance and I was not disappointed and actually I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the richness in this collection. I liked a lot the sensuality of the silhouettes, and how they were approached like in a very formal knee length kind of dresses with sleeves and all. It did really worked for me.

I truly always liked his abilities to work with sheerness and assembling it in a way that makes it so wearable and very much oh sexy. However it isn’t overtly sexy and still lady like in a covered but revealing manner that I find quite appealing.


I love the blue zigzag sheer dress. I really liked the frilly dresses too, like the one in a mini version composed with the different colours or even in the more toned down black version with the transparence on the frills from the sides.



Then comes the very clean structured navy pieces that is quite strict with touches of bright red, (but the red again jumps out and makes it sexy but subtly) and oh so elegant, super wearable. I also completely fell in love with the off the shoulder bright red dress, so simple but an effective whaou dress!

KIM_0048KIM_0071KIM_0550 Finally there are those weird dresses wrapped in what looks like “lace lovers” or life drawings nudes, cloth of women’s bodies. I did actually quite liked the silver pleated dress with those nudes enveloping the dress and the wearer. Quite a sexy intellectual way to dress…



Photos from Style.com

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