Two Lena’s that I love

On Lena Dunham and my mom (who is also called Lena)


This morning I was reading a piece in the evening standard magazine, on Lena Dunham mother called Laurie Simmons who is an artist. She is having an exhibition here in London at the moment.

She talk about her work and her daughter’s work.

She touches on how she used her experiences of being a women in the 20th century, and her daughter does the same for the 21st century

She talk as well “how women need armour to interact with the world”and that is also a theme in Lena’s work.

It touches on their relationship and how your parent upbringing shapes you as person.

“Lena has frequently cited her parents, and the environment they fostered, as a foundation of her success.” “I feel like nothing would be going on with me now if I didn’t have the parents I have.”

It really resonated with me as I feel so close to my mother and she had also an extraordinary life.

Lena apparently used some of her mother’s life experience in her famous series Girls.

I obviously didn’t get like her my parents bringing me up together as my parents are divorced.

And that bring up other issues, but I do feel I am so fortunate to have my wonderful parents. They both did their best in giving me all they could offer and they still do to this day.

I am richer because of them both.

I want to share a few more quotes that I loved from the article, ” my mom always said to me ‘the talent is allowed to act weird.’ She embraces the idea that, as an artist, she can act a little pernickety and say exactly what she wants.”

“My mother is six inches taller then me and ten pounds lighter, but somehow I can wear her stuff. Now sometimes she borrows my clothes, which is very flattering.”

“The best New Year’s Eve on my life was watching Sex and the City marathon with my mother.”

 Laurie Simmons show is at The Arts Club until the 25 April (

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