Library en soute, (in hand luggage)

So I decided instead of being frivolous and show my clothes, I am going to be more intellectual and share my lectures for the next months while I am in America.  (Side note I also figured that while being in America with a 23 kilos luggage, meaning wearing the same (fabulous!) clothes for three months you will get to see the same things over and over…)

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So I will of course give you a breakdown, and another side note here, hence the title most will need to be in my (already!) heavy hand luggage as I am limited on my kilograms for New York…


So here it goes starting with this unusual book I discovered while watching the Sunday breakfast show when I lived in London. On the show the writer explained about his book and his researches, it was so interesting that I felt compel to get it (God TV works wonders right?).

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A classic is always needed and especially when embarking on a new adventure. I saw the film a few years ago, and I always wanted to read the actual book as I know I will be disappointed with the film and be mesmerised with the book. As it happen every time.

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image-9 copy 4Again being a lover of classics, and having broken free from my life from London, I couldn’t leave without bringing with me a few souvenirs of its most famous pieces of literature. And if I miss a bit of englishness I have those handy.

image-9 copyThis one is my piece de “resistance”! I fell upon this one while buying the other classics from Waterstones and just couldn’t resist taking it with me. This one will definitely be read on the plane journey! Can’t actually wait! I always wanted to learn more about this incredible designer, woman, and this period..

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And at the moment I am reading this book.  It is four volumes series on the life of Picasso (a present from my dad’s). Currently I am reading the second volume. I just love it! It can a bit intense but I like how it is written from the standpoint of a historian not from an art critique. This makes it is so refreshing and keeps a truth-ness which is hard to have concerning anything on Picasso’s life. The other fascinating thing about this series is how Picasso is put right in the middle of each period, with it’s artists, critics, poets, art dealers, and all what is happening at this period in time. Really well written and interesting, truly recommend it.

voila going to cut my hair now, enjoy. x

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