london london london london you are sssssssoooooo expensive!

Wanted to show you my improvised camera pouch, It’s a recycled Mulberry pouch I did an embroidery on London and Paris.

Well London is bit more fun than the Paris side (and Paris side isn’t done yet) but anyway though I show you.

Sorry for not being regular, lately been busy working and feeling a bit down as well with this British weather. On top I kind of feel I am constantly worrying about my bank account and, Where does all the money goes? Seriously where does it goes?  Well boringly most of it, is bills and bills and bills and more bills, annoyed and a bit depressed. We even came up with a rime at work, I am tired of being broke! so at least we are doing well as this pushes us to get the commission going.

Arround all this annoyance, I decided to treat myself at the end of the month (PAY DAY!!!!) and get a new hair colour! This morning I went to Vidal Sassoon Academy on the recommendation of a friend. They do cut or colour but you need to get a skin test for colour. So there they advised me to go for a light brunette.  hum? well now my hair is gold warm blond but the roots are getting bigger and soon I will end up half blonde half brunette.. Not a good look, well maybe for someone in a music ban or something but not me.

Anyway this was supposed to be just on my camera pouch but left all my currents feelings on there too sorry…


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