Lots of walking around.

It all started after I received the new Vogue for December and read their amazing “THE SECRET ADDRESS BOOK”, it is full of amazing addresses of about everything you can think of…I seriously advise you to get hold of it.

Since I moved to Notting Hill I was after a good shoe repair place, but was way too scared to try any random one. So basically none of my beautiful shoes were given any repairs and I couldn’t wear them either… stupid.

So today after 10 minutes of walking around trying to figure out were was this cobbler, I finally discovered Mario’s Shoe Care and you know what? It ‘s on my street ! I couldn’t believe it!!! I went all the way around to end up at the bottom of my street. It was there all along. And when I got in I was like is this the place? But then I was reassured when two girls got in dressed really cool (who clearly worked in fashion) and one had a Stella McCartney handbag, so I felt I discovered a well kept secret and take ma about 2 mn to got and get my shoes fixed super amazingly great!! And if that’s not enough they also re-heel Louboutin in their original red leather finish!

Then I went to this sweet little teashop called postcard tea on Dering Street, such a cool place for presents too. They do this service too, that you can buy a tea packet with a postcard on it (so you write the address of the person you want to send it to) and you pay £2 extra for postage and they receive it through the post, so romantic non?

This is the tea I got for me Jasmine Che, such pretty boxes…

It is from Vietnam, from a ancient tea tree grown by Mrs Nguyen Thi Thuy

very special as you can see…


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