Loubi Du Jour

Ok I now right now everyone is talking about the Queen jubilee, but to be honest I hardly saw anything as I was working most of time and exhausted the rest of the time.

I went to see the gorgeous Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design museum, few weeks ago when the weather was nice. I wanted to share with you these images but I have been so busy lately that actually today is the first day I am off and by some crazy miracle doing nothing which is really nice. I have been busy tidying cleaning my flat and now finally could catch up on some blogging.

As for some of you who already went to this exhibition, you must already know you can’t take any pictures inside, but I did take some photos of my journey to the museum and outside the exhibition entrance.

Crossing the famous London Bridge… full of ice cream and tourists…

While crossing started to play around with my 3D camera setting quite fun really, felt like a tourist again.

The gorgeous view and a little tourist boat, sorry couldn’t resist! love this skyline…

And then you have Louboutin like a Circus and Grand Spectacle.

Love that fun window at the back of the museum and look at the view!

Bon I came to see the shoes really so excuse my million of shoe pictures and up close details of some shoes, they are so much fun to photograph.

Here a little overview of the stairs and the hanging shoes.

The impracticable ballet pump with really high heels, well it’s more like a sculpture really.

A beautiful tassel and gold knotting sandal

A written shoe?

La belle Marie Antoinette, look at all the detailing so gorgeous!

stripy number

these are actually part of the 20th anniversary collection he made to celebrate 20 years of his designs.

graphic sole and gold strap 80’s anyone?

this one is my favourite, so cute and glamorous too. Such chic pair of shoes…

mon bel escarpin…ha in my dream

Love that logo, such clever design. wish he made a shoe with a heel like that.

Et voila, the rest inside is beautiful and magical but you can’t take photos inside so, I leave you with show girl inspired entrance…

And I downloaded his app for iphone. it’s beautifully made ! love it the only problem is my bank account won’t be very happy as it makes a lot easier to be tempted…


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