What a show, Marc knows how to do it! I love Daniel deBuren implication with those staircases. Love the Selfridges yellow and greens, but all the squares and geometry works so well. Love how the girls walking together create an opposite, like a twin but negative positive kind of vibe. Love it! Seriously thinking to start saving especially when looking at those shoes!

VUI_0535.1366x2048VUI_0243.1366x2048 VUI_0291.1366x2048 VUI_0126.1366x2048 VUI_0205.1366x2048 VUI_0354.1366x2048 VUI_0083.1366x2048 VUI_0331.1366x2048 VUI_0141.1366x2048 VUI_0372.1366x2048VUI_0568.1366x2048

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