In love right now,

well not literally, obviously, I was watching Fashion Police this morning, and I feel in love with K Stuart. I mean I have never really been into the vampire saga movie thing, (not at all actually), but she is doing other roles like in snow white and On the road. I saw On the road last week and really enjoyed actually it had a lovely energy and rawness that was refreshing. Anyway all of this to tell you I am kind of in love with her in that dress (never thought would ever say that but hey ho…).

I mean it’s see through sheer, sexy cool and elle est a tomber par terre, like you say in french (meaning she is to fall n the floor, basically to die for). I love that when googled her name to find this photo, the first word coming next to her name is cheating. Ho well, I like though even all this controversy and circus of vampire premiere film thing, she wear this. Like she doesn’t really care what people will say. And to be fair I love her just for that. She seams to just go for it and not hold back, well go girl, you look amazing!


Ps dress by Zuhair Murad

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