Spent all morning waiting and waiting and waiting to finally get in the amazing Matisse cut-out (or decoupage) exhibition at the Tate, I was excitingly waiting forever… ok it’s bank holiday so I know it would have people, but because the city is so quiet for a few days I thought that might be my chance to go and see it. Got there early but I could only see the show at 1pm, so I browsed for ages in the big bookshop downstairs, managed not to buy any books (so proud of myself!) and went for some tea for more waiting around… (and amazon browsing on my phone to find the books to see if I could get them cheaper). Anyway even though I lost all my patience in the end it was worth it!


And kind of went crazy postcard buying crazy! well couldn’t help it as it is Matisse and I am obsessed with his work. So there it is.

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