Memories or vintage

From looking at The Sartorialist book, I was inspired by all his photos and his poetry in them. I found by chance these few old photos of me and both my mom and dad. I love these photos. They are so full of memories for some or other none (for me anyway) as I was too little in some to remember.

The last time I went to see my dad, he took digital photos of them for me to have a copy.  He is a real collector as he keeps almost everything that is attached to memories, letters, notebooks, and photos. He has luggages (yes you heard me luggages) full of of these things in his atelier.

this one is me and my dad in Portugal at the beach, we were creating a massive trench in the sand for the water to go in it. I can’t remember why we started this but it must have been fun.

This one is probably in London actually, I have no recollection of this but it looks like were out enjoying ice cream in a cold weather.. funny photo though.

Love this series, it’s me and my dad in those photomaton. Apparently this was a special doll I had in this picture. My dad was telling me it was from England. I have absolutely no memories of this doll at all but it look funny in the photo with us two.

Me and my mom, she is so chic in all of these photos. In this one she is wearing a turban.  I was again with another doll this time. I do remember this doll, I loved her.


This one I have never seen it before, I was little here. God I had some crazy short fringes!

This one is very special. It is quite intimate to share it with you, the rest of the internet, who ever read this blog. I love this photo, and I wanted to share it with you even though it is personal. I don’t recall the time when my parents were together as I was small when they separated. It is in fact a miracle this photo. I cherish this memory (/photo) I had never had, well probably I did but don’t recall.

This series is hilarious! I love my dad in a santa beard (and eyebrows!) so funny!

These are images I look at fondly and wonder how did I became this person I am today. Memories shapes you so much is’n’it? Photo capture you at this moment in time in your life. I find it so amazingly interesting. I do hope one day to have lots more of those memories that you create everyday with your family friends and others close to you. Basically I need to take more photos (not me by myself in my bathroom showing off my hair or makeup…) with my friends and family, and we need to bring back the Photomaton machine! It take the best spontaneous photos ever! Come on Amelie Poulain you can do that!


2 thoughts on “Memories or vintage

  1. Oooohh Ange! Adorei essa sessão de fotos e essas memórias que também são parte da minha vida! Sua Carioca linda! Um monte de beijinhos, Lulu ps: me deu uma saudade do seu Pai!

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