This message is reserved for Parisiens only, or who knows them

I laughed so hard when I saw this illustration!

And the bottom caption says The parisien we prefer to have it in drawings.

I must say it’s such a sweet and french (well ok parisien) illustration from Kanako taken from the app My Little Paris. And I have to add I am kind of this lady going down the stairs pushing everyone with her caddy to get in the train when it bips! I can’t help it! I was raised in Paris, so this instinct of running for the train even though the next one is in 1 minute it too strong! I so much understand this urge to get on the train not matter what. Not that any londoner get it, They all tend to stare at me wondering what the hell is wrong with me. But like I say I am always a Parisien in my heart, so I can’t resist running for the train like in this drawing.

enjoy xx

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