My new obsession has taken the form of the Metropolitain museum (or going repeatedly to it), or as the New Yorker call it the “Met”. I excuse myself for the million of photos in advance as there is too much much to see, and be inspired. I actually even decided to have several post from that museum as I have by now gone three times, (trust me there will be many more…) and too much to share in one post. So I went the first time to see the very much talked about exhibition China Through the Looking Glass. I have since re-saw it twice properly. It is just so rich wonderfully magic a “bewitching” exhibit. However I also went to see a one room exibit that is the Van Gogh flowers and specifically the Iris flowers (been my favourite flowers..) I had to see it!!

IMG_4585 IMG_4586

Vincent Van Gogh Irises 1890IMG_4846IMG_4847

This room was mostly John Galiano and the headpieces were Stephen Jones. IMG_4539IMG_4542This stunning ensemble is by Cristobal Balenciaga 1955-56 IMG_4837IMG_4537

On the left American Robe a la Polonaise 1780-85 on the right French Robe a la Polonaise 1780IMG_4842

IMG_4476 Jeanne Lanvin Robe de style Spring Summer 1924IMG_4826IMG_4819 Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture Autumn Winter 1977-78IMG_4471

Jeanne Lanvin Evening Jacket 1936 – 1937IMG_4544 Jean Patou Dress 1920’sIMG_4545 IMG_4563House of Chanel Karl Lagarfeld House of Lesage Dress Autumn Winter 1996-97IMG_4567

IMG_4500 Chinese Shawl early 20th CenturyIMG_4506IMG_4529 Spanish Shawl 1930IMG_4530

IMG_4524 Cristobal Balenciaga Evening dress 1960IMG_4525 IMG_4526IMG_4533Jean Paul Gaultier Ensemble Autumn Winter 2010-11IMG_4534IMG_4517Cristobal Balenciaga Evening dress 1962IMG_4519IMG_4496Most of the rooms there were showing extracts of films that influenced the west idea of china. The films were selected by the director Wong Kar Wai, they made real sense in the exhibit. I so need to find a dvd rent store to watch all of those! Here is the actress Anna May Wong, she was so stylish and elegant!  IMG_4848

Yves Saint Laurent Ensemble Autumn Winter 1977-78

IMG_4549Yves Saint Laurent Sketches 1977 IMG_4552

Yves Saint Laurent Creative sketches for the fragrance Opium 1977 IMG_4835 IMG_4832Yves Saint Laurent Autumn Winter 1977-78

So there you have it! so much to see and take in! I am going to post soon some more on another exhibit I saw there too. For the moment enjoy! xx


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