Editing for Milan & the Easy jet Dilema

I am soon going to Milan for an exhibition I am participating and is happening during the “Salon del Mobile”.

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Words can’t even express how excited I am!

image-6 copy 16

However going with easy jet poses problems with what to bring, so me and my mom spent hours this easter weekend looking trying editing what to bring and wear in Milan. As we both need to look very chic, but with a limited amount of things… though task!

So here it goes, here you have my edited choice…

For the opening night of the exhibition (accidentally coinciding with my 30th birthday!) I will be wearing this gorgeous vintage long dress found at Portobello market, that I absolutely love! ( I adore the print so much!)


image-6 copy 5

Along with the dress I will be wearing my pink silk scarf from La Carioca worn as a turban, and this lovely black clutch also vintage. ( mom gave it to me years ago for christmas)

image-8 copy 2

After I obviously need some options for during the day but that works for night as well and still stylish enough…



Here is my all time favourite dress (and famous as I have been pictured countless time in it!) and is another vintage find. This one has a long story, my dad actually bought it for me while he lived in Portugal on a market from an old lady for me to play dress up. One of my favourite things to do! It was so big for me then! A few years ago I found it again in an old bag all crumpled and I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly!

image-6 copy 2image-6 copy 6This lovely floral dress was a surprise find in Zara (in the sale section!) and it fits me so well. I love the almost wallpaper print of it.

image-6 copy 11

This amazing suede and leather skirt is an wonderful purchase I made while I was working at Mulberry. I bought it for such a good price, and it is so so gorgeous! ( I am a bit paranoid when I wear it though, as I become instantly petrified and scared if any liquid comes near it.. I almost go into crazy mode!) this little sheer frilly top is a sale find on Asos I got a few years ago.

image-6 copy 3image-6 copy 4This beautiful dress is a very recent find and present from my step-father! Love it! It’s from Rodier, a French brand that no longer exist. that used to be very chic, and good quality, the label says made in France. The print grabbed me instantly and again fits me so well.

image-6 copy 9

The colours came out a bit too bright on this silk shirt. It’s supposed to be a hot fuchsia with orange and turquoise. The print is from the AMAZING Celia Birtwell print designer and wife of the late Ossie Clark. I am totally obsessed with her and her work. She did a collaboration with Uniqlo a few years ago, and got this piece. This shirt looks so cool with the leather skirt you saw before.

image-6 copy 12

image-6 copy 14 image-6 copy 13

That cool cardigan is from Topshop (found in the Selfridges concession, they always have good pieces there!) I just loved it straight away! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but so needed to have it! I would have so much regrets otherwise. image-6 copy 17

This totally precious jacket doesn’t photograph too well, as the black goes grey, and to be honest looks a lot more incredible on than on the hanger. It has another (again!) vintage find in a lovely store on brick lane called Hunky Dory. It’s a real 40’s jacket in wool with those wonderful pockets that reminds me of the saharienne from Yves Saint Laurent (that was inspired evidently from the military’s style from the 40’s). There is so much lovely details I could go on and on about it! It fits me so so well, it grabs the waist so magnificently.

image-8 copy 3 image-8 copy 4

To finish here is the bag to polish all the outfits, this stunning clutch/bag in python and fringes. A very special present from my mother, so chic and quite 70’s in it’s style. Will go with everything!

With all my luggage done, all is left is what shoes to wear… I will be wearing with everything my classic black leather knee high boots from Russell & Bromley.

Sorted! Ouf! So much decisions, now I still haven’t even looked at jewellery yet… oh god it all starts again…

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