Milan & “Sou de Minas” exhibition

IMG_3284Back to Paris, back from the “loucura” de Milan, (the craziness of Milano…) and the Brazilian exhibition, Sou do mundo, sou de Minas Gerais . I want to share so much that it can’t be done in one post, so it will be done in a few posts that I hope to do all very soon…

IMG_3096So starting with the obvious the cathedral, and the Duomo, where every person in Milan will go at some point… so here it is and bits that I photographed…

IMG_3114IMG_3116IMG_3103 IMG_3112

Moving on to the actual place where the exhibition was held, a beautiful 14th century University of Milan and with a whole pavillon left for the Brazilian to take over. It was so big, diverse and wonderful. I was so honoured to even be part of it all, and the whole experience was so memorable, and spending my birthday there was also special.  IMG_3276

IMG_3207This first print you see is by the artist Fabio Gurjao
IMG_3164This installation is by the artist Marcia Xavier
IMG_3154IMG_3163IMG_3209IMG_3210IMG_3211The second print you see after mine is by the artist Tereza Santos.


Me and my print, (apparently I love blue?) this one was taken on my 30th birthday… IMG_3177 IMG_3171 This print is by the artist Kleber MatheusIMG_3205 Embroidery  by PrinttingIMG_3204

IMG_3168Print by the artist Regina Pereto and the embroidery is by Barbara Bela IMG_3203Print by the artist Vanessa Da Silva and the objects by PanoletosIMG_3169Print by the artist Yassin Lahmar and object by Ana VazIMG_3202Print by the artist Filipe Jardim IMG_3198This print is by the artist Gustavo Greco and embroidery done by Vivaz

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