Loved this Mulberry collection, so strong in the ready to wear! So many prints, the colours are really well chosen, love the chinoiserie,the summer tweed in light green. The printed bags are so much fun, and love the new little clutch bag! The shoes are also nice and cool. But my greatest crush is those jacket, I mean there are everywhere! I love the suit jacket trousers combo will definitely be one of my buys. Love also the all white suit, so chic! Really liked that collection.MUL_0311.1366x2048 MUL_0052.1366x2048 MUL_0021.1366x2048 MUL_0061.1366x2048 MUL_0266.1366x2048 MUL_0123.1366x2048 MUL_0390.1366x2048

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