Mulberry party !

Ok I know I should have posted these ages ago, but you know Christmas is approaching and it’s getting crazier by the minute ! It was this week at Shoreditch house.

This was my wrist ticket and you had drink tickets and a raffle number in these envelopes, unfortunately I didn’t win anything but apparently you could win some bags! cool non?

and the number 656 won, damn it! I was so close!!…

Now few ambiance photos…

I really liked the disco balls, they gave a really nice ambiance to the whole room. u

Unfortunately they didn’t rotate..

this is where the action is baby!

Mulberry love from Ellie..

Shoe competition! Louboutins, diane von furstenberg, miu miu and many other

this photo gives the impression, the party was in a green house! it was by the pool actually.

My secret shoe crush are these miu miu, so jealous, I think this is a pair I will regret not buying it. It will follow me in my dreams… Does this argument gives me the right (or should I say the justification) to treat myself this Christmas? Still deciding, I am not sure my bank account will appreciate as much as my feet…

This photo is not as good as I would have liked, the stupid flash destroyed the ambiance of the bar, it was full of candles, it looked really cool and romantic… well anyway Kimia and Brenda seems to be having fun…

(Brenda has a really cool blog you can follow her on      

cool blurry photo to finish off, it’s Chloe and Melissa on the bench

Anyway that’s it folks, off to bed ate to many Lindt gold reindeer so my new year resolution is to stop eating chocolate, but that’s a doomed decision.

However my other new year resolution is to update my blog so everyone can make some comments and I can write you back and see who is reading these posts every week ! That’s more achievable.

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