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I wanted to share this post with you guys last week, but then somehow It got lost and tumblr lat me down.I am moving out soon, so I am rediscovering lots of things I kinda forgot, today I wanted to share my collection of nail vanish.

I have had an obsession with painting my nails for quite sometime. I think it started since a little girl. And as a painter and print designer I have quite naturally a clear obsession with colours.

clockwise top NAILS by Topshop in gypsy night, Nicole by OPI The kardashian kollection in Kendall on the katwalk, OPI in DS Classic,  Revlon in in Facets of Fuchsia 940, some random green sparkle I got doing some internship, Colorama cintilante in Pocao magica one of my mother’s presents from Brazil.

That’s my red collection, I have a fascination with the colour red, but it is a bit fussy to put it on… anyway quite like to have it for a brave evening to put it on.

Clockwise, left corner, 17 high gloss in risky red, quite an old classic shade that one, Bourjois in Cerise noire 53, that one is quite old, I think it might be 10 years old actually.

I remember buying it in the monoprix near my school, when I was a teenager. I love the shade so much and the bottle design too. The brand changed the design of the bottle, but I really liked that older design shape, it so cute and girly and chic too. Ho well…

Mavala The ELLE Red, I got that one obviously buying the ELLE magazine. I kinda just bought it for that shade of red, is that bad?

Yours by make up for ever in Smack, I remember buying it in the big Sephora in the Champs Elysee in Paris. I like the richness of that red not too bright but a bit more mature.

Number 7 Speed Dry in black red, can’t remember when I got this one probably got a boots promotion and was in a deal or something.

Rimmel 60 seconds in Rapid Ruby 320, as you keep reading this post you will notice I have an addiction to Rimmel. Well it is well founded, it is a very good price, they have lots and lots of shades and the coats don’t chip or get damaged especially the Lycra Pro collection.

Colorama Unica Camada in Penelope another present from my mom from Brazil, she knows me so well. I like how the shade sits between pink and red; it’s kind of in the middle.

17 Nail in risky red, when doing this post originally, I realized I had two pots of the risky red. The first one lost it’s writing and liked the shade bought it again without realizing I already had it. Well in my defense they changed the design of the bottle.

Number 7 Stay perfect in Temptress 100, probably another boots promotion that stroked twice.

Finishing with the best, Dior in Apparat in 871, another one I picked up at a Beauty sale at my internship with InStyle magazine. Love the sparkle in this red quite unusual.

Here some close up…


Moving on to the bright fun colours, starting from the left top corner, Rimmel Lycra Pro in Peppermint 500.

I actually bought this one on my birthday last year; I got it at Victoria station on my way to take the coach to Paris. It was a weird birthday as I was stuck all day on the coach and got to Paris exhausted and squashed. However the day finished nicely as my mom organised a secret diner party when got home to Paris, quite sweet really. And the next day we flew off to Brazil so can’t complain.

Rimmel Lycra Pro in Ultra violet 312, love this fun shade got it on my way to Paris at King’s Cross Station. Well this time I got the Eurostar so bit quicker to get to Paris.
Rimmel 60 seconds in Black out 800, strikes again! I know I have a weakness for that brand of nail vanishes. Last year I think there was a bit of a craze for short nails and black shade. So I though if I want to do it why not go for my trusted Rimmel and go for it.
Colorama artistica in Laranja citrico here again was little present from Brazil, quite a fun shade and good to play around with other sparkles or topcoats.

Nail paint by Barry M in pure turquoise 295, one of my first blue shades experiments. I love the bright turquoise shade of that one, screams summer doesn’t it? You feel you should be by the pool wearing this shade.

Last one but not least Colorama unica camada in verde agua, a refreshing aqua blue from Brazil again, got so many compliments wearing this one. Others also told me that it remembers the Tiffany’s shade of green, interesting…

Now going for the pink rainbow, starting from the left side, OPI in Italian Love Affair, well OPI is my new love affair, love their funny titles and array of shades. And they do quite a lot of funny collaboration too. I bought this one because weirdly pinks are not really a bit collection I do have, so quite like this toned down pink shade, quite romantic actually.
Rimmel Lycra Pro in Grape sorbet 307, nice different of pink not the obvious pink. I also remember wearing this one staying put all week, in one of my most busy crazy week. It doesn’t chip and the colour is lovely.

OPI in Ate Berries in the Canaries, love the rime in this one and such a beautiful shade too. I bought it for the two things, title and colour. Well can’t explain my addiction to OPI very well… Sorry I am sure all you nail addict out there understand.
Nail paint by Barry M in pink flamingo 305, such a bright fun shade. It ‘s actually quite on trend at the moment non? Pink neon?

More of classic shade, Rimmel Lycra Pro in French rose 445, got it at King’s Cross on my way to Paris. I thought it would be a good alternative for the Celine Showroom for working there.

I wanted a clean neat look for my nails and, who to trust again? Rimmel obviously.
Essie in Mod Squad 589, love this fun Barbie colour. I wish I would have some peep toe shoes to match. Is that too Barbie’s-ish?

OPI Katy Perry collection in Teenage Dream, My first OPI pot, I love that one. I think it’s my favorite of all the OPI. It’s such a fun girly shade unfortunately it’s a nightmare to take off, it’s a crazy cotton pads consumption. But still love it anyway.

That’s it folks, now you seen my collection… need to get going on packing Ho no…

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