Not so guilty after all.

Read this really interesting article yesterday in Stylist magazine (issue 93) and wanted to share it with you, made a selection of few quote that I found quite revealing…

“Many believe materialism is a scourge on society – that having a fascination with something as supposedly trivial as fashion is shallow and beneath us.

Yet historians and sociologists are in increasing agreement that there would only be a word without fashion if there were a world without people. “

David Reed associate curator of Mammals at the Florida Museum of Natural History, says, our ancestors started to cover up – probably in fur – about 800,000 years after they lost their ape-like body hair. He believes that their ability to use clothing after they migrated out of Africa’s colder climates was, “one of the things that made our progression as species possible.” In evolutionary terms, it didn’t take long for our ancestors to start differentiating their woolly mammoth skins.

Ted Polhemus social anthropologist and author of Street Style (really want to read it now!) points out that recent excavation at the Blombos Cave in South Africa found pieces of bright orange and red ochre which are between 70,000 and 100,000 years old, though to have been used for body painting and shell necklaces. “They demonstrate that the deliberate transformation and decoration of the body is a cornerstone of what it means to be human – to be the one and only decorated ape. The presumption that the body and its adornment, modification and clothing is somehow a frivolous, insignificant subject is just wrong.”

“The promise of fashion is that it offers us a renewal. Identity is made manifest through clothes, and we use fashion to advertise who we are and express our convictions.” Says Julia Twigg professor of sociology at the University of Kent.

(All extracts from the article A world without Fashion by Anna Hart on p59 to 62 Stylist magazine issue 93, 14th Sept 2011)

It’s quite fascinating how much your identity is connected with what we wear! Our clothes have such an important role isn’t it?

I feel now I have a good argument to start this blog. I always felt fashion is a bit frivolous, why am I talking all day long about just shoes, dresses, hats and so on. It does sounds a bit light and I feel sometimes that I should be a bit more serious and talk about more serious (?) subjects.

Never mind, I really can’t stop myself and I always get this irresistible attraction towards fashion. I always go back to it. And let’s be honest we (meaning I) just can’t resist browsing (Just little bit! ok quite a few time…) on Asos and Net-A-Porter for several hours a week.

It is one of my guilty pleasures…browsing gorgeous clothes that I will never be able to afford… Anyway I know I am a dreamer and fashion will always be part of who am I.

I just love to see how people express themselves through their clothes. It is such an interesting part of our lives that we can enjoy everyday, dressing up and feel more confident to face any day.

So now no more guilt, so thank you Stylist, like they say Fashion is Power.


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