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So yesterday I woke up super early still jet lagged, and decided to take a walk, from Soho all the way to Central Park. This is going to be a photographic journey of my walk, of the architecture I encountered, artwork from my long visit to the Moma, ($25 had to make it worth the spend..) to the famous buildings, and famous department store too.

Starting with my view from the loft I am staying the moment.

IMG_4104IMG_4126And the colourful (& very creaky!) stair case that makes my legs and bum work so hard!


This is getting on to 5th Avenue. Just a few famous sights…


IMG_4313IMG_4314IMG_4217IMG_4152As well when you look up (which you tend to do a lot in New York) you find this funny sight, abandoned shoes…

Then there was my visit to the fantastic collection of the Moma (with the expensive entrance…) So here are a few of the artworks I loved and gushed over…



Mark Rothko’s fantastic paintings, the hues are just so intense, you can loose yourself in it. 


The ones and only famous Demoiselles d’Avignon, from the one who doesn’t even needs to be named, Picasso.

IMG_4245This painting I was so excited to see, as I am getting to this period in the book I am reading on his life. It is called “Girl before a Mirror” from 1932. The colours and the texture on this painting is tremendous. Such a strength in this composition.

IMG_4263This wonderful painting from Andre Derain, is from 1906 (how incredible his use of colour at that time!) is called “Bridge over the Riou”. It was painted in the South of France where colour is so demarked and intense. The juxtaposition of the colours is just mesmerising to watch.


This is my most FAVORITE painting in the museum! As most of you who knows me, I am completely in love with any work by Matisse. This painting I had seen many representations before but never the actual painting! It is called “the Red Studio” from 1911. Isn’t it just wonderful! The way he represents the space, and that red colour, the mini paintings and sculptures. It is as if it represents his state of mind, where he is at. Just sublime!! Leave the rest to the imagination.

IMG_4257IMG_4258 This painting I didn’t know it, it is called “The Moroccans” dated from 1915-16. Here he uses a lot of black which is a bit unusual for Matisse. It was painted during the war time too, maybe that is why, although not a very good argument. I love how he painted the mosque and his simplification of the trees.


These are just details of a very big (and crowded) painting by Basquiat. I love his drawings, they are so full of expression and creativity. Just so inspiring.

IMG_4298IMG_4293Here is the very famous Tiffany’s building and me in my attempt to do like Audrey Hepburn.  Although there is no chance as it was very crowded I was surrounded of tourists… needs to be done like in the film very early in the morning after a wild night out…

IMG_4284No need to introduce the world famous (and super crowded!) Apple store.

IMG_4300IMG_4289 The most AMAZING department store in the World! Bergdorf Goodman! As you can tell by now, I love this store, it is magical, mesmerising (their window display is out of this world!) and beyond chic! I just love walking around the store pretending I am Blair Waldorf (and obviously not buying anything…).

So there you have it, my photo walk trip around Manhattan. XOXO

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