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En Route to NYC tomorrow early, (with a new shorter hair cut!) this Sunday will be a bit weird, or should we say mystic as I have an important article for me coming out the same day in Brazil, another video article coming sunday as well in Italy and I am flying out to try this new life of mine in America. All happening at the same time! Of course once I have them digitally I will post them here to share on the blog.

Yesterday my mom found this old photo of hers at 25 years old. I though we looked a bit similar (as when I went back to Brazil everyone said I looked so much like her..)

mae pass

I am feeling a bit everything scared, doubtful, excitement, freedom too, a mixture of all, well that’s life… I suppose. I just decided to give everything to this experience and have no regrets, and listening to my friend Rose yesterday say yes to everything (well maybe except heroine.. her words…) and enjoy it! See you in New York!

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