Ok I know I just blogged, but I really want to share my presents with you guys, who ever reads this.


Our Christmas tree looks very festive and full

I received this beautiful knitted dress from my mom, it’s from Camilla Norrback

I received this amazingly funny book from my dad, It’s called Paris Vs New York by Vahram Muratya.

I got my boyfriend this really sweet Mr Bump cup… and got myself this festive mini candle from Dyptique. Epinette. It smells like a Christmas tree.

I also got my boyfriend the whole Harry Potter collection, I am actually secretly wishing for a weekend of Harry Potter marathon… He also got this very funny book from his brother on how to Speak Wookiee, hilarious !

My beautiful Repetto I got from my maman, to wear for work… and ok I know I have big feet!

I am wearing them in this picture with my other Christmas dress…

Here is a better picture of this gorgeous dress by Paul and Joe Sister, given to me by my very nice boyfriend

here is another picture unfortunately blurred but you can see the shape better here than the previous ones. I think the shape is reminiscent of Madmen, non?

I also received this very photographic book from my father, called Mister G. by Gilbert Garci

This book was given to my boyfriend, it’s Famous faces and I loves these two, so good right can you guess who they are?

I gave this beautiful set of Mulberry printed vegetal leather card slip and passport cover, I am very pleased he liked them.

God what will I get next year to top it off?

I got given this really nice patent Mulberry notebook on our secret Santa. And my boyfriend got given these retro sweets… ate too much of these on Christmas day.

I got this very serious calendar of Sudoku from my boyfriend brother, (the problem is I am utterly rubbish in maths and numbers, I am only good when they are related to fashion and sale). We also got this very sweet can of clock, once you pull the lid, it becomes a clock! extraordinary!

So voila my friends for all the things under the tree, hope you were as lucky as me under the Christmas tree… bonne nuit and good night.


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