Paris and other Saudades

IMG_3779Back in Paris and having too much SAUDADES!!!! Do BRASIL!!!! ok I will stop to wallow, I just so enjoyed so so so much being there, even considering moving out there for good! This beautiful display of deliciousness used to greet me every morning for breakfast.. (now back to kiwi and apples so boring!)

mamaoI have to excuse myself for not blogging very much blame it on too much family fun and the super slow internet! But now back to fibre optic so you will see lots more posts from me.

IMG_3940This is the beauty of Rio on a Sunday morning in Autumn! Can you believe it!!

Ok soon like next Sunday (lately spending my sundays on long hauls plane journeys so much fun!) I will be A New Yorker (and I know most of you by now hates me as it seems my life is so glamourous…) (it’s not that glam, but I am enjoying it very much so, before I was trapped in a spiral of work work work and now I am on a new scary journey where I am not sure where I will end up…)  ( but OH SO EXCITING!!!) (ok will stop with the brackets…) and will be sharing my experiences there too with you.


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