Paris-Birthday & jewels

Paris memories are long gone, however the sun stayed, and my winter coat is back in the wardrobe… happy times, am I making sense? who knows… (ps: my birthday flowers here to show off really…)


Anyway I wanted to show you this amazing showroom/atelier of Regina Dabdab. She does those incredible and unique jewelry. Every piece is different and is made of found items, like pieces of woods, stones, corals…









What do you think? I fell in love as soon as I walked inside her universe! I wanted every pieces, well I sill want them… She told me how she started in her flat, (that was her flat but now became exclusively her studio.) I really liked how each piece has it’s own individuality and is so personal while still being so cool. I mean they help you dressing up in the morning, as whatever banal thing you happen to lay your hands on suddenly become so chic cool arty and all, well my cup of tea anyway…

Here is her website

She is such a cool girl that really inspired me, so that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

voila enjoy x


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