Norman Parkinson

So while in New York, I am enjoying all the culture available in the city, and all it’s fashionable heritage too. Where I am staying, I found this wonderful book on Norman Parkinson photograph’s. His images are so iconic, timeless and most are still so inspiring today.

The amazing make up artist Charlotte Tilbury teamed up with Parkinson’s (family) on creating a limited edition make up range with his photos. Her products are already so desirable. But now it’s even more so… (Personally I am desperate for the 1975 Red lipstick!)

IMG_4890Queen, 1960IMG_4883Thelma Woolley, advertising for Matita 1938IMG_4895

Jan Ward, Vogue 1970IMG_4888Wenda Rogerson, Vogue 1951IMG_4885Wenda Rogerson, Vogue 1949IMG_4899Look how tiny those women’s waist were at the time! It’s incredible. You can see it in vintage clothing you can find today, some dresses are so tiny at the waist. What happened? We got more hormones? Weird, well I cant complain my waist is quite small for today’s standard. IMG_4886Young Velvets, Young prices, Vogue 1949IMG_4893Celia Hammond, Queen 1964IMG_4894Jerry Hall, Vogue 1975 This particular shoot was style by the Amazing Grace Coddington. She talks about it in her book, and tells her side of the story to this trip. IMG_4897

Jerry Hall, Vogue 1975, again here it is Grace styling and this image is so timeless and genius!IMG_4900IMG_4877The book is Norman Parkinson Portraits in fashion Robin Muir National Portrait Gallery


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