So tomorrow, I am not going to some glamourous fashion party like all these fashion blogger but instead, I am celebrating my birthday with friends (family in France & Brazil unfortunately).

So to kick off this week before the birthday bash, I shared with some of you on tweeter few of my lipstick collection. So I wanted to combine these with what the hell am I wearing tomorrow night.I really enjoyed doing close up photos this week with Instagram and I wanted to mainly share these images with you.Well as you can tell I have no idea what I am going to wear tomorrow night, so an exercise for me to go through ideas and as well share with who ever is reading this… (well let’s be honest not a lot…).So first of all, there it is all the shades of lipsticks, I wore this week…On Monday it was Chanel Rouge Allure 85 in Coquette

Tuesday was Paul and Joe in 15

Wednesday was Chanel again, Rouge coco in 15 Ruban Rose

On Thursday it was Shu Uemura in Or 530

Paul & Joe in 050.

And now some of the ideas I have to wear tomorrow night, I usually buy a new dress to wear for a special occasion. But this time, I felt it was silly, and thought it would be much better to create something new out of what I have already.

So the images below are idea of things I have already in my wardrobe and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to pull it all together… and have a fresh take on it.

My option of dresses I feel like wearing maybe, a beautiful vintage powder pink silk dress (pass on from my mother, and previously pass on from her ante), a subtle bright blue and beige patterned Tereza Santos dress ( a sumptuous present from the designer), and a burgundy silk dress by Diane Von Furstenberg (I got at a previous sample sale).

For a bit of a bling addition, I was thinking to wear these gorgeous earrings by H & Stern, with the ring from H & Stern as well, that my mother pass on for my last birthday.

And in the shoe department it was clearly obvious my choice rests on these beauties.

I sprayed them tonight and I am praying with all my heart it won’t rain tomorrow evening.

Lastly  I will wear this beautiful (sexy) lipstick from Tom Ford in 09 True Coral.

Later update on how it all went xxx

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