Dries Van Noten is for me one of my most favourite and modern designer of all time! I just love every collection. It’s so rich beautiful beyond elegant and chic all at the same time. And for me his strength are in his prints and his colour combinations.

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_DRI0065 _DRI0083 _DRI0101 _DRI0115 _DRI0189 _DRI0173 _DRI0155 _DRI0143 _DRI0123 _DRI0221 _DRI0203 _DRI0243 _DRI0255 _DRI0275 _DRI0395 _DRI0371 _DRI0325 _DRI0309 _DRI0291 _DRI0437 _DRI0421 _DRI0411 _DRI0451 _DRI0467 _DRI0491 _DRI0477 _DRI0501 _DRI0519 _DRI0537 _DRI0687 _DRI0659 _DRI0643 _DRI0621 _DRI0581 _DRI0777 _DRI0737 _DRI0701 _DRI0883 _DRI0943Photos from Vogue Runway

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