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So continuing on my New York exhibitions that I didn’t get share yet, here are a few places I went. So again I couldn’t resist showing another view of the skyline with this amazing blue sky.

IMG_5596Here again I saw the famous Guggenheim museum but you weren’t allowed to take photos of the art pieces so I can’t show you any pieces, but at least a bit of it’s architecture. IMG_5586 I found it too crowded to my liking probably because of being so famous and all and the collection wasn’t all that phenomenal… But I must say the building is always a delight. IMG_5621IMG_5625Those pieces below are from the New Whitney Museum, that I also saw (not on the same day!) but I forgot to take a photo of the actual building. So I took this picture below from their website. It’s the new building that gives into the High Line which is wonderful to visit with any sunshine.

schenck_whitney_2014_06_24_dsc_7809_740I really enjoyed the new building it’s very New York smart, and the collection is interesting. When I got there it just opened so there was a real hype and that meant queues for hours and hours. However I went to visit it late on a friday and that was just marvellous as there was hardly any queue and the entry was donation only. That’s a New York way to say you can give 1$ and that’s acceptable. I really enjoyed it! (not just the 1$ part but the actual visit of the place…)IMG_5646Morgan Russell Four Part Synchromy, Number 7, 1914-15 Oil on cardboard and canvas mounted on cardboard. IMG_5649Chiura Obata Mono Crater 1930, from the portofolio World Landscape Series “America” 1928-30
IMG_5653Willem de Kooning Door to the River 1960 Oil on Linen IMG_5655IMG_5659Jackson Pollock Number 27, 1950 Oil, enamel, Aluminium paint on canvas
IMG_5670IMG_5672IMG_5674Jean-Michel Basquiat Hollywood Africans 1983, Acrylic and oil stick on canvasIMG_5665Alma Thomas Mars Dust 1972 Acrylic on canvasIMG_5668IMG_5663Elizabeth Murray Children Meeting 1978 Oil on canvas

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