La Carioca

Designed by the artist Ange-Marie Taillandier, her first collection is comprised of ten individual prints.  Each print begins as a watercolour or a pen and ink drawing.

Subsequently the print is transformed into a silk scarf design and is then digitally printed in Como in Italy. Every scarf is then hand finished here in London.

La Carioca expresses the designer two nationalities, French and Brazilian. Carioca is a person from the city of Rio de Janeiro like a Londoner is to London. So with the French article “La” combined with Carioca, it conveys the designer dual heritage.

The inspiration for the collection is an amalgam of ink drawings and watercolours brought together overtime and transformed into a playful collection named Alice’s garden.

The Alice prints were created after watching Tim Burton’s film of Alice in Wonderland.

Ange Marie particularly liked the sequence when Alice falls down the rabbit hole. Alice character is not looking back and is getting swallowed up into this magical world. This scene is so poetic and she really loved the movement of the dress and the beautiful silhouette Alice creates when falling.

The floral stories are always present in her inspiration. The geranium print is an assortment of watercolours she did in the summer while by the seaside in France. She loves the juxtaposition of the red flowers against the blue and green backdrop of the sea view.

The other two floral prints are more pared down ink drawings of carnation and daisies. She liked that the white from the paper is still present and gives a breathing space to the print.

The animal story is a fun addition to the collection. She wanted to include a lightness and mischievousness that the cats impart playing around just like in Lewis Caroll story.

Note to the editor:

Ange Marie was born in Rio de Janeiro but was raised in Paris. She graduated in 2010 with a BA Fine Art degree from the University of the Arts of London, at Wimbledon College of Art. Based in London she started freelancing for other ready to wear brands mainly in Brazil, but in 2012 was already thinking to set up her own brand of silk scarves.


La Carioca is currently sold here online. Please enquire if needed

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